Ben Young
Ben Young
January 28, 2015


Thanks for stopping by, you’re here because you want to figure out how to improve some of the social metrics around your content. Let me first say (because this is how I pay the bills) you should explore if Nudge is right for you, as the website gives you the top line social metrics.

Right into it.

1) Optimize your share copy

So, you want to maximize sharing inside social networks but also the rate at which people click through. We see this a bit, whereby content is shared because people have read it but their friends aren’t clicking through.

Here’s a great article on that.

For example, we find that those that optimize share copy drive three times the earned impressions per share than those that don’t.

2) If you have images, include a Pinterest button, please.

The image is the social collateral of Pinterest, make it easy for Pinterest users to share your content.

Do this for Tumblr & FlipBoard too.

3) Share on your social channels

Seed your content on your own channels and do ask people to retweet. This is basic but often forgotten.

Buffer is a great tool for this.

4) Do some paid amplification

That is, spend some money to promote your content, you always want to be bringing in new audiences. There is a whole content ad eco-system out there. Start with Twitter.

/ Side note: Nudge measures these and tells you which is creating the best engagement, i.e. we’ve found that people that come from Twitter have a 95% propensity to share on Twitter again, whereas Facebook users only have 50%. *

*Note this stat, can and will change.

5) Optimize your content

Once you’ve hit publish, don’t stop there, keep at it. Re-read it, take user feedback, in fact ask for it. If this content is going to stay on the internet forever, you may as well make sure it’s effective.

/ We see on Nudge, there is a tremendous long-tail of content, the traffic over time almost always exceeds the traffic burst on publish. Thing long term.